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What to Expect from Counselling


Counselling For many people the idea of accessing therapy may seem daunting.  They may worry about opening up to a stranger or be concerned that they may be judged.  These concerns are common and many people feel the same way.  Your counsellor understands the fears you may have and will help you feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed.  Your counsellor will not judge you and your sessions will be kept in the strictest of confidence.


For many people working with a therapist who is a complete stranger can have a liberating effect.  Due to the confidential nature of your sessions you will be confident that your sessions will always remain between you and your counsellor and there is no chance of anyone in your life will ever find out what you have discussed or how you are feeling (unless of course you want to share it).  As a professionally qualified and registered member of the BACP Sharon is ethically and professionally bound to uphold confidentiality.

Face to Face Counselling


The first session will be a consultation and an opportunity for you to decide if therapy will be able to help you.  You will be able to establish if Sharon is someone you feel comfortable with and will be able to work with her.


During this session you will be able to explore and discuss the reasons you are seeking support and what is causing you concern.  If you feel can form a trusting relationship with Sharon and would like to continue with a course of counselling you will agree on a contract, exchange contact details and explore what you would like to achieve from counselling.  You will work with Sharon to set any goals you wish to make or aim towards in the future.  You will decide on a schedule for subsequent meetings.


You will not be required to commit to therapy if you feel, for what ever reason, Sharon is not the right counsellor for you.


The counselling sessions are usually contracted for weekly sessions; however, these can be arranged in clusters if you wish or time-limited to have a more structured goal to aim towards or after the relationship has been established can be fortnightly or even monthly.


Throughout the sessions you will be able to explore what you wish to achieve, to lead discussions with free speech within a safe and personal space, set goals, identify ways to move forward, draw on coping mechanisms and strategies.  When you feel ready we will work towards ending therapy.  Counselling will be time-limited and focused on a clear outcome.  Whether 'time-limited' means six weeks or six months clearly depends on the particular set of difficulties you are facing.  Ending therapy does not have to be absolute and you will always be able to come back to Sharon if you require progress reviews or another short course of therapy.


You can start your counselling very soon by contacting me by email, telephone or completing the contact form.

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